Getting Plumbing Ready for Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Sometimes a customer will want to handle plumbing on there own. The video below explains how to prepare pipes for either a kitchen or a bathroom prior to installing a sink base or vanity base cabinet.

The drain line should be cut so it is almost flush to the sheetrock wall. Leaving about 3/4 to and inch of the drain line away from the sheetrock wall so later a coupling can be installed.

Usually there is a T-coupling on the hot water supply line for a dishwasher. That T-coupling needs to be removed and the hot and cold water supplies cut and capped as shown in the video below. Making sure that the hot and cold water supply lines are about 8 to 10 inches from the sub floor.

If you have any questions about plumbing for a kitchen and/or bathroom remodel give the Kitchen Gallery a call. If you would like the Kitchen Gallery to manage the plumbing for your project, let us know.