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Thank you for visiting the Kitchen Gallery website…

You are probably at this website because you aren’t happy with a room in your home…  It is likely a kitchen…  But may also be a bathroom, master bedroom closet or TV center…  Something to do with replacing or adding cabinets and/or counter tops…

You might be just looking for ideas here or maybe how to get started figuring what cabinets and counter tops cost…  Also, you may want to know why you should consider the Kitchen Gallery for your remodeling project…

When it comes to renovating your home…  You want things to go right and on budget.   You don’t want any surprises…  And you want to be happy with the end result.   The last thing you want is regrets after a remodel is complete…  Or wish you did something differently.  I can tell you, I want exactly the same as you.

When I am buying something of significance, I hate surprises…  I want someone to communicate with me…  Give an honest opinion of what is good and not good… Give me accurate time lines…  Don’t leave me hanging…  Help me through the process…  Make my decision easier…  So I can start enjoying the improvements.

When someone walks into the Kitchen Gallery, I always keep these thoughts in mind.  This might sound a little corny, but I like to treat everybody that comes through my Kitchen Gallery doors as though they were family…  If I do that, then I know my customers will be happy with what I do for them.  Not to mention happy to run into them around town well after the remodeling project is complete.

There are a few things that I won’t do…

(1)  Ask you what your budget is — this is none of my business…   Most people don’t know how much a kitchen costs anyway.   My approach is to get your wish list nailed down using CAD software.  Hopefully, when I tell you how much you will be pleasantly surprised.

(2)  I will never apply pressure…  I am an information giver…  I act as a buyer’s guide…  You ask questions, I give objective and confident answers.  You collect the information you need…  You take the time necessary to make your decision…

If you browse around this website you will find that the Kitchen Gallery has many options for cabinets and countertops…  The categories are OK, good, better and best.  Often, the more you spend the better the cabinet or countertop.  I will listen to your goals and suggest the best materials.

I have completed more than 1000 kitchen remodeling projects during my more than 20 years experience here on the seacoast.  I invite you to browse around this website to learn why the Kitchen Gallery has been in business on the seacoast of New Hampshire since 1981 and the steps needed so you can make an intelligent decision regards to your project.


Gary Stevens — Kitchen Gallery Owner

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