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Have you sealed your granite countertop lately?  No one likes to maintain anything, its a pain in the neck.  However, if you want things to keep looking as though they are new its just something we have to do.  With regard to granite countertops, you should seal them every 6 to 8 months.  Unless you choose to use one of a few different permanent granite sealers available. Read on to learn more.

So what happens to granite if you don't seal it regularly?  Some granite species are more porous than others.  However, usually the polish on the countertop will go away.  Is this reversible?  The answer to that is "kind of"...  The shine of granite can be brought back by using a combination of acetone and polishing.  A process the average homeowner wouldn't want to do.

As I mentioned above there is the option of having your granite countertops permanently sealed...  To permanently seal the average sized countertop, cost will be around $400, usually less if you do it before the countertop is installed.  So the permanent sealer is on your countertop before it is put in service, naturally the best time to apply the sealer is when the countertop is installed.  However, you can have your countertop permanently sealed after install.  The manufacturer of the sealer provides for a 15 year warranty against staining.

Personally, I had the permanent sealer applied about 3 years ago to my Bianco Romano granite countertops.  I only have used soap and water to clean my countertop.  My countertop still looks great...  If you are in our service area and would like to get an estimate for having the permanent sealer applied to your granite countertops, give us a call today.


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