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Some customers like the idea of adding cabinet doors with glass in the kitchen or bathroom. This post goes through some of the common options associated with adding glass to a cabinet door.

Below are line drawings of Norcaft cabinetry door prepared for glass options...

Some glass prepared for door options are not available on all door styles. You will also likely want the interior of the cabinet finished to match the exterior.

Below are cost estimates for the various prepared for glass options. Keep in mind that this pricing does not include the glass.

Norcraft's GLS with no wood mullions -- $85 per door
Norcraft's GR and GRH -- $290 per door
Norcraft's GRP -- $310 per door
Norcraft's MATV -- matching wood veneer interior -- $260 per cabinet

The above pricing may vary slightly depending on the size of the cabinet.

With regarding the glass itself, there are many options at many price points. To save your self some money you can take the cabinet doors to a local glass company your self. Don't rely on measurements. Physically take the doors to the glass company and select the desired glass whether it be domestic clear, frosted, leaded, etc. Each glass type and size of glass will have different pricing. Also, an effective method to secure the glass to the door is clear silicon. Sometimes a cabinet manufacture will provided other means of securing the glass.


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