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The Kitchen Gallery uses several countertop fabricators… One option is Winnisquam Wood Products in Farmington, New Hampshire…
If you have purchased granite for your kitchen, you will likely be asked to view the stone before it is fabricated.

Although you can make as many trips as you would like, the best time to view your stone is after your countertop is templated.
A countertop template is completed after your new base cabinets have been installed.

With the countertop template complete, the template can be moved around the slab of stone so you can pick out certain characteristics you might like.
For example, you might like a certain swirl of the stone to be situated to the right of your sink… If practical, a fabricator can often accommodate such request.

Winnisquam Wood Products is located at 33 Sarah Greenfield Way, Farmington, New Hampshire… There phone is 603-755-2286.
It would be a good idea to let us know when you would like to look at your stone so Winnisquam can prepare for your arrival.

Below is a satellite image of Winnisquam… The X in red is the granite fabrication building. The X in aqua is the office. You would enter through the door marked with the aqua X.

Countertop Fabricator

Winnisquam Wood Products


69 Lafayette Road

North Hampton, NH 03862

(603) 964-8939

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