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So if doing the floors over in your kitchen is part of the project...  When do you install the floor?  Before or after the cabinets get installed... The answer is it depends... For hardwood or ceramic tile floor -- you can do the floor before or after, you get a better install if it is done before the cabinets are installed.   If you do the floor after the cabinets are installed then cabinet installer will need to raise cabinets up the thickness of the hardwood flooring or tile.  For hardwood flooring the cabinets are raised 3/4 of an inch...  For tile, probably 1/2 will do.  You never want to nest cabinets in a floor.  You might have trouble getting the dishwasher to slide under the countertop when the time comes. For sheet type flooring like linoleum -- you could do the floor first...  But I think it is better to install the floor after the cabinets are put in.  That way if the sheet type flooring looks dated or needs to be replaced, the floor can be removed easier if it isn't under the cabinets. Leave a comment below if I can be more specific.  


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