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As mentioned in prior e-mails...  a door sample costs $85 each...  But I can get a credit from Norcraft if you place your kitchen cabinet order within 60 days of receiving the sample door...  and most important you would need to order the same door style, species wood and finish as the door sample when your cabinet order is placed.

So we want to be sure your door style selection is what you would like...  Below is the Adams door, Concord door and a link to the Parker door.  I think you like the Parker door best.  The Parker and Adams door styles are almost the same...  they both have the same detail around the outer edge of the center panel, but the Parker has the same detail as the Concords door style outer edge (its just square).

Let me know if I can clarify anything.

Adams Door Style

Concord Door Style

You can have a look at the Parker door style by CLICKING HERE

September 24, 2018 -- had a chance to work on your kitchen plan. Have a look at the video below...


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