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Do you renovate or do you sell your house?  A lot of folks consider that, but are leaning toward keeping their home and renovating because they can't get the money they want.  Remodeling your kitchen or baths is the best way to add value to your home.  Unless you plan on being at your current home for more than 10 years, return on renovation investment has to be an important part of deciding which way to go -- move or keep what you have.  Moving out of a house can be more a pain than renovating a house. If you had to pick either the kitchen or the bath, the kitchen is still the best place to invest.  Some questions to consider when contemplating a remodeling project...  Are there design problems that need fixing in terms of layout?  Are your appliances getting tired or dated?  How does the hardware and fixtures look?  Have your laminate countertops seen better days? Granite countertops are still the popular choice over laminate, Corian and quartz.  The price of granite has come down considerably since it was first introduced.  It is superior to laminate in that it is stronger, harder, abrasion resistant and has a unique look.  Sometimes just changing your countertops will go a long way at improving or upgrading your kitchen.  You can go to HOW MUCH $$$ to get an idea of what a countertop may cost. The kitchen is the central hub of our homes.  A good kitchen designer will keep that in mind.  Renovations done correctly will enhance your life, promote efficiency and better function.  Everybody hangs out in the kitchen so it needs to be build in such a way to sustain the traffic.  The idea of working through a remodeling project can be a bit of an inconvenience, but long term the results can be very satisfying.  If you select your contractor carefully, someone with demonstrated experience, the headaches of renovation go away. In the end, whether you’re selling or staying; when the project is completed, you should be able to say, "I am glad I did this."


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