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Most cabinet manufactures want to set the correct expectation level to consumers and home owners when it comes to a painted cabinet finish. Most painted finishes sit on top of the wood... Often maple wood.  As seasons come and go, wood can expand and then shrink.  This may result in small cracks in the finish of cabinet doors and face frames where the seams meet. To have a look at a "standard" paint awareness form CLICK HERE... Some cabinet painted finishes can be effected more or less by climate change.  In other words, a painted finish isn't a painted finish.  Generally, the more expensive cabinets (custom -- made to order) have a better finish than a in stock cabinet.  If you would like a painted door, it would be best to select a cabinet manufacture that has a lifetime warranty.  But it would also be important to read through the cabinet manufacture's paint awareness form, if they have one. If you have questions about painted doors give us a call.


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