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Below is a list of questions that may or may not apply to your project. Eventually each of these questions will be clickable and the link will direct you to the answer. For now, if the question is not clickable and it applies to your project, be sure to get an answer before ordering your cabinetry.

Do you want under cabinet lighting?
Do you want to keep your existing floor?
Do you want under cabinet molding?
Do you want crown molding?
What kind of sink do you want?
Do you want the bottoms of the wall cabinets finished?
Do you want glass doors in your cabinets?
Do you want plant on wood fillers?
Do you want granite countertops?
Do you want quartz countertops?
Do you want a 4 inch backsplash or side splash?
What are the list of appliances (make and model) you would like in your kitchen?
Do you understand the limitations of a painted cabinet?
Do you understand the limitations of an inset cabinet?
Do you want an inset, overlay or frame-less cabinet?
Do you understand the characteristics of a wood cabinetry?
Do you want a slab drawer front or a 5-piece drawer front?
What is fascia?
Do you want job site delivery?
Do you want the Kitchen Gallery to install the cabinets?
Are you using your existing floor in the kitchen or bathroom?
What interior cabinet accessories do you want?
Do you want painted cabinet?
Do you want the interior of your cabinets to match the exterior?
Do you have your own cabinet installer?
How would you like to take delivery of the cabinet or countertops?


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