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Below is an article image taken from Kitchen & Bath Design News in its October 2022 edition asking the question to kitchen designs -- "What's one often-requested feature or finish you try to steer clients away from?  What do you suggest instead?"

In my opinion, there is good advice hear... A few comments for each are below...

"Touch-Latch Cabinet" -- I agree with this advice... Over time the doors will show dirt.
"The Tall Multi-Storage" cabinet -- I agree that simple roll out trays are better. CLICK HERE -- to learn what the "Tall Multi-Storage" cabinet is...
Generally a refrigerator up next to a wall is a no-no...
"Pot Fillers" -- there are areas in the kitchen that money can be better spent.
"Toe Kick Drawers" -- using the toe kick area for drawer space is a big head ache... I would never recommend it.
"Corner Drawers" -- do take up a lot of space... I generally don't recommend them... Particularly when space is limited.
Quartz countertops for their easy maintenance is definitely a benefit to homeowners.
Plywood cabinet construction is superior to particle board.
"Barn-Type Sliding Doors" -- they do take up a lot of space.
"Waterfall Countertops" -- the are tough to get right... But do look good after a proper installation.
"Farm Style Sinks" -- I have not seen water damage using this type of sink... So I think they are fine.
Microwave drawers in a base cabinet are nice... I agree with this advice.


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