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December 17, 2020 -- Quiet day in the office today because of the snow... So I had a chance to work on your kitchen design based on our meeting yesterday... Have a look at the video below.

December 3, 2020 -- Worked on a second kitchen design concept...  Have a look at the video below...

Based on what is in the design and figuring pricing on current manufacturer's promotion ending December 31, 2020...  Using the Starmark brand of cabinetry and inset door style.  The cost of the cabinetry will likely be between $21500 and $22,500. You can learn more about the Starmark cabinet brand by CLICKING HERE.  Given the current promotion, Starmark is a very good value...  The promotion saves about $8500.

Cabinet installation will likely be about $4000.

For the countertops I have provided a table shown below the video for your review...  Based on the amount of countertop square footage I see in the plan.  Countertop pricing includes template and installation.

November 16, 2020 -- Started the kitchen design process...  Below is a video that shows you that progress...

Some questions I have are...
Do you have an appliance list?  Would you like to vent the stove using dedicated venting?  Or do you plan on purchasing an over the range microwave with built in venting?
A good place to narrow down your appliance choices, get an idea on pricing and read reviews is AJMADISON.COM

One small note about the video below... Toward the end of the video I suggest changing the stove location to where the kitchen window is... If that is something that interests you... Then the window will likely need to get smaller...

I welcome your feedback...


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