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  • Common Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks

    Below are images of common undermount stainless steel sinks available for purchase through the Kitchen Gallery.  When you are selecting granite, [...]
  • Cabinet Drawer Box and Guides

    Below is a video that demonstrates how to remove and replace a drawer box with concealed undermount soft close guides. If a drawer doesn't seem [...]
  • Installation Process

    So you bought some kitchen cabinets...  There not much good without installing them.   Here is generally how the process works when the Kitchen [...]
  • Choosing Colors

    One of the cabinet manufacturers we often use is Canyon Creek.  Recently, Canyon Creek put together a guide regarding the choice of color...  An [...]
  • Mantra Cabinet Construction

    The video below demonstrates the Mantra cabinet construction. Mantra cabinetry is made by one of the largest cabinet manufactures,  MasterBrand [...]
  • Kitchen Remodeling Costs

    Below is a recent article I found on the "Huffington Post" website...  You can see the original article by CLICKING HERE.  The article was posted [...]
  • Sealing Granite Countertops

    Have you sealed your granite countertop lately?  No one likes to maintain anything, its a pain in the neck.  However, if you want things to keep [...]
  • Granite or Quartz Countertop Templating Process

    Generally, the more expensive countertops you purchase, like granite and quartz countertops, require a template with a kitchen or bathroom [...]


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