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  • Standard Vanity Sink Options

    Below are some options for undermount rectangular bathroom sinks. If you see something you like, let us know. Thank you for browsing.
  • Choosing Colors

    One of the cabinet manufacturers we often use is Canyon Creek.  Recently, Canyon Creek put together a guide regarding the choice of color...  An [...]
  • Mantra Cabinet Construction

    The video below demonstrates the Mantra cabinet construction. Mantra cabinetry is made by one of the largest cabinet manufactures,  MasterBrand [...]
  • What do people buy?

    When homeowners remodel their kitchen, they will often purchase the following: New cabinets New countertop New sink New faucet Knob and/or pull [...]
  • Installation Process

    So you bought some kitchen cabinets...  There not much good without installing them.   Here is generally how the process works when the Kitchen [...]
  • Cabinet Drawer Box and Guides

    Below is a video that demonstrates how to remove and replace a drawer box with concealed undermount soft close guides. If a drawer doesn't seem [...]
  • Hinge Adjustment Screw

    Below is an image of a cabinet hinge...  The adjustment screw in the front adjusts the tilt of the door. Best way to learn how it works is to [...]
  • Corner Cabinet Hinge Operation

    Sometimes... But not often... The hinge(s) might disengage in your corner base cabinet. Below is a video on how to put the hinges back in place.
  • Face Frame Cabinet Overlays Explained

    Below is a quick video that will explain the common face frame door and drawer overlay options. A related video post you should have a look at [...]
  • Signs Your Kitchen Needs to Be Remodeled

    Are you a property owner? If so, exactly how long have you stayed in your home? Whether you have only resided in your house three months, three [...]


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