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Most cabinet manufactures will brag about their finishing process, as they should.  It is often a multiple step process that results in a finish that is quit durable to everyday abuses.  A baked on finish gives you the most permanent result.  Some cabinet manufacturers will run their cabinet parts through the baking oven more than one time. A oven cured catalyzed conversion varnish vs a Lacquer finish as a top coat is commonly used by the best cabinet companies resulting in a durable finish a cabinet consumer demands.  Oven cured catalyzed conversion varnishes provides a clear, non-yellowing, chemically resistant finish.  Lacquer and catalyzed lacquer finishes are not as durable.  Lacquer finishes can develop signs of wear, particularly around cabinet knobs and pulls, even after a few years of use in the field.  This is the everyday exposure to moisture near sink base cabinets and dishwashers.  Unlike catalyzed conversion varnish, lacquers also yellow over time. The best cabinet finishes are certified by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association).  This certification process tests how resistant the finish is against chemicals and harmful household products.  An oven cured catalyzed conversion varnish is typically applied by a professional, climate controlled system.  Ovens cure the finish to 130 degrees.


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