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Below is a quick video clarifying what to expect and/or what options you have when ordering wall cabinets. In most cases, unless a custom modification is requested, the interior of a wall and/or base cabinet is a natural melamine or vinyl wood grain finish that protects the plywood from water. Have a look at the video below. If you have questions let me know.

For example, one method to finish the bottom of a Norcraft cabinet is to include a 1/8 inch thick finished panel and under cabinet molding that has a dado in the molding... The image below shows this application.

Pricing depends on which under cabinet molding you select. To view the various under cabinet molding options from Norcraft -- CLICK HERE

More expensive cabinet manufacturers, like Starmark and Canyon Creek, will offer a finished bottom modification.

The majority of our customers leave the bottom and interior cabinets as it comes with out any finish paneling or modifications.

The photos below further demonstrate what the underside of the wall cabinets will look like without the bottoms finished.

Unfinished Wall Cabinet Bottom

Unfinished Wall Cabinet Bottom


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